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    What is Essure?

    Essure Lawsuits

    Essure is a Permanent Birth Control that is supposed to prevent pregnancy by creating a scar tissue barrier in the Fallopian tube, preventing sperm from reaching the eggs.

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    Side Effects & Complications

    Essure Lawsuits

    Unfortunately, an alarming number of women continue to report a litany of side effects and serious medical complications after the Essure procedure. Check back often for updates.

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    Essure Lawsuits

    If You’ve Been Injured by Essure or Experiencing Medical Complications , Join the 1000’s of Women Taking a Stand Against Bayer.  Take a Stand Against Essure and Join the Fight.

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    FDA Black Box Warning

    Essure Lawsuits – In a November 15, 2016 report entitled “Essure Permanent Birth Control System by Bayer Healthcare: FDA Announcement – Label Changes,” the Essure Birth Control product labeling now includes a Black Box Warning and includes a Doctor-Patient Decision Checklist. The Black Box Warning includes safety statements to communicate significant side effects, adverse outcomes, and medical complications associated with Essure. Additionally, it now includes information about the potential need for device removal. The Black Box Warning is the FDA’s highest level of warning on a drug or device.
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    Essure Lawsuits

    The Dangers of Essure.

    The FDA has received 1000’s of formal complaints and Medical Device Reports from women with Essure. The most common Essure side effects and medical complications include: General Pain, Abdominal Pain, Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Irregular Menstrual Cycles, Headaches, Migraines, Fatigue, and Extreme Weight Fluctuations.


    Even more alarming, Essure patients continue to report severe complications that include: Device Incompatibility, Nickel Allergies, Partial Device Migration, Entire Device Migration, Multiple Device Operations, Device Breakage, and Devices Positioned Incorrectly.  Additionally, there have been reports of both Patient Deaths and Infant Deaths.

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    *Consumers Aware | Published 5/09/16